Women's Counseling

Counseling for Women

Women today face numerous challenges, expectations and responsibilities.  At LFI, we want to help guide and empower women to uncover their authentic self, create a greater sense of awareness and overcome past issues so that you may create a life you love.

Any event or experience that shatters your sense of security, leaves you feeling confused, sad, shocked and sometimes feeling powerless to prevent it can be considered traumatic.  Often times people who have experienced trauma will find themselves reliving the trauma over and over again.  Our therapist offers EMDR therapy, as well as, Trauma-informed equine therapy with our miniature donkeys.  These techniques allow her to proactively assist clients in resolving problems at their root, resulting in lasting change. Kristi also has specific training in cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an evidenced based technique to understand and bring awareness to the connections between our thinking, our feelings and our actions. Whether your symptoms are stemming from trauma, depression, panic, anxiety, adjustment or women’s issues, we can help.

Women often face gender-specific challenges that we refer to as “women’s issues”, such as stereotyping, sexism, body image issues, infertility and motherhood issues.  Many women also struggle with the stress and pressure of balancing a career and family. Other women seek help with parenting and boundary issues. These are all significant issues that can disrupt relationships/careers and hold you back from living the life you love.  

Utilizing Eco-Therapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy and neurologically-informed treatment methods, we provide a safe, calm and serene environment to start your journey toward healing.

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