Rusty Wood, MS, Education

Co-Founder of Living Fulfilled Institute
Certified Educator
Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, University of Central Oklahoma
Master’s Degree in School Administration, East Central University
Great Expectation Model Teacher
Trained in Love and Logic Techniques

As a public school educator with over 15 years of experience, I have worked with children in a wide array of ages and diverse backgrounds. I believe children are our most precious resource. I have devoted my career to providing children with the academic skills and emotional tools needed to handle stress, practice conflict resolution, and navigate their social world. 
At Living Fulfilled, I am the Director of Acorn to Oak, a children’s nature and discovery program. Your child will be re-introduced to the wonders of nature, have the opportunity for physical activity, practice mindfulness and gratitude, care for our animals to encourage emotional connections and compassion, and will experience a sense of belonging and acceptance from group interactions. These are all essential elements of wellness to prepare your child for emotional, social, and academic success.
The best memories of my life were time spent in nature at my grandmother’s farm. Being in nature and interacting with animals has a way of calming the senses, sparking creativity and imagination, while empowering decision making and confidence building. Through nature art, nature infused games, free outdoor play, as well as many other learning activities, it is my goal that your child create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.