Be the Connection Between Fulfillment and Life

We developed a way for people to lend a hand when others are in need. Through our Kindness Connects Us program patrons can donate money and it will go in a fund to help people who can not afford LFI get the help that they need. When people come together to help boost each other we see a sense of community and happiness.

How Can I Start

Lending A Helping Hand?

Reaching out is as easy as it could be. Just scroll down and click HELP TODAY. We want donors to know that they are investing in the enrichment of someones future so we make it our mission to keep donors informed every step of the way that their money is going to good use. We hope that donors can quickly see that their investment is going to good use.

We are always open to questions. Due to HIPPA we can not show donors exactly what person they are helping, but do not think we are wasting money. Each donation goes directly to connecting our prospected youth with the support they need. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or to book a tour of LFI and see what facilities would be helping our customers.

Reach Out. Grab A Hand.