Animal Assisted Therapy

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal assisted therapy (AAT) is the integration of an animal as a compliment to traditional counseling or psychotherapy. The use of an animal in treatment is designed with the specific client in mind to achieve a particular therapeutic goal.

Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, and safety. Creating a bond with an animal can help clients balance their emotions, develop a better sense of self-worth and trust, and improve communication and socialization skills.

Kristi and her dog, Thor, are a Certified Therapy Team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. In addition to bringing his patient and compassionate empathy to LFI’s clients, Thor also loves to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools—lifting the spirits of everyone he comes meets.

We believe our animals are capable of helping people heal!

It is proven that animal assisted therapy benefits many different aspects of life. Here are some ways it can help people.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Enhance Mindfulness
  • Aids in the Reduction of Depression
  • Enhances Self-Esteem
  • Increases Emotional Awareness

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